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Applications are now open for funding from the Future Drought Fund’s Drought Resilient Soils and Landscapes program to support drought resilient land management practices.


What types of projects may be funded?

The Future Drought Fund is looking for projects that demonstrate, at scale, land management practices (or combinations of practices) that help farming land stay more productive during drought and recover quicker.  Projects will also need to measure their impact and communicate this, to inspire and inform uptake of drought resilient land management practices beyond the life of the project.

Consortiums are encouraged to apply to bring together projects at a large scale, utilising many sources of expertise. Farmers who are interested in this grants process are encouraged to connect with their local Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub, farming system group, NRM regional body to share their experience and become part of a large project.

Applications are open until 11 January 2022. For more information, including the grant guidelines, visit the Community Grants Hub.

The FDF webpage also contains a wealth of information about the Drought Resilient Soils and Landscapes program and other FDF programs.