The papers presented at the Society’s recent 19th Biennial Conference covered a broad range of rangeland-related topics.  The full list of papers is given below.  Please note that these papers have not been refereed by the Conference Program Committee and that the content of each paper is the responsibility of its authors. The Editor has formatted abstracts and papers to a common style.


Investigation of Chemical Essential Oil Components of Thymus Kotschyanus in Zagheh Area (In Lorestan Province)

Authors: Karami, E., Ariapour, A. and Jamshidi, A.H.

Keywords: Thymus kotschyanus, Essential oils, Chemical components, Botanical properties, Thymol

 “The climate has always been changing”: Perspectives of climate change in far west NSW

Authors: Berry, E. and Metternicht, G.

Keywords: Climate change adaptation, land degradation, rangeland community, rangeland management, sustainable land management, stewardship Online land cover analysis for the rangelands

Authors: Beutel, T., Trevithick, R., Scarth, P. and Tindall, D.

Keywords: VegMachine, ground cover, land condition, monitoring

Northern Australia: the new frontier

Author: Bowen, L.

Buffel Grass management in Indigenous communities

Author: Bowman, T.

Keywords: Buffel Grass, Great Victoria Desert, Natural Resources, Indigenous Communities, Herbicides, Technology

Assessing land condition in a bi-polar landscape

Authors: Brandle, R., Baird, G., Facelli, A., Maconochie, J., Oag, D. and Stringer, J.

Keywords: pastoral assessment, land condition, vegetation monitoring, benchmarks, pastoral lease

Plans are useless: but Planning is essential. A Warning and a Promise for Northern Development

Author: Brisbin, J.

Keywords: Natural Resource Management, Regional NRM Plans, Northern development, inter-subjective reality,

kayfabe capitalism

Decentralisation in Regional Australia: What does it really mean?

Author: Cleary, J.

Assessing the Economic Impacts of Carbon Farming in Western NSW

Authors: Cockfield, G., Shrestha, U.B., Waters, C. and Garland, F.

Keywords: carbon sequestration, payments for environmental services, grazing profitability

Simulated impacts of wet season spelling and intensive rotational grazing on pasture condition in a degraded northern Mitchell grass savanna

Authors: Cowley, R.,  Walsh, D. and Douglas, J.

Keywords: land condition, rangeland management, modelling, grazing systems, spelling

Using FarmMaps 4D to improve management of Indigenous pastoral infrastructure

Authors: Dillon, J. and Cunningham, P.

Keywords: ILC, AIA, Agribusiness, Indigenous, FarmMap 4D, Mapping

Social return on investment in the Rangelands: We think what we are doing is important, but does anyone else care?

Authors: Feuerherdt, L., Peevor, S., Clinch, M. and Moore, T.

Keywords: social return, investment, pastoral, feral animals, APY

Science is just the start – the development of the NRM Spatial Hub

Authors: Forrest, K. and Drysdale, A.

Keywords: Geospatial, monitoring, collaboration, rangeland, transformation

Uninvited guests: how some weeds of arid Australia arrived as stowaways and became widespread

Author: Friedel, M.

Keywords: invasive plants, vectors, contaminants of seeds, livestock, camel harness

The Implications of the Emerging Carbon Economy for the Management of the Rangelands

Author: Gavin, J.

Keywords: carbon sequestration, rangelands management, invasive native species

Keeping people and communities at the centre  of NRM in the SA Arid Lands

Author: Gregg-Smith, J.

Keywords: Community engagement, self-determination, Better Together, IAP2, relationships, SA Arid Lands

Tech Tools for Improving Productivity, Profit and Pasture in the Pastoral Rangelands

Author: Grey, M.

Keywords: Remote Monitoring, Precision Pastoralism, Sustainable Rangelands

Living with climate change

Author: Howden, M.

Keywords: climate change, pasture, adaptation, mitigation

Resting strategies for recovery of pasture

Authors: Jones, P. and Johnstone, C.

Keywords: resting, perennial grass dynamics, land management

Drought: rain…cash…population…resilience

Authors: Kelly, D., Phelps, D. and Coombes, J.

Keywords: drought, drought assistance, rural community, resilience, transformation, regional policy

Vegetation responses to fire history and soil properties in grazed semi-arid tropical savanna

Authors: Gabrielle Lebbink, G., Fensham, R. and Cowley, R.

Keywords: fire interval, clay, fire season, germination, competition, grazing

Standardised vegetation survey and monitoring data across the Australian rangelands from TERN AusPlots

Authors: Guerin, G., Sparrow, B., Tokmakoff, A., Smyth, A. and Leitch, E.

Keywords: ecosystem monitoring; point-intercept; forest cover; fractional cover

Rangeland plants in a warming world

Authors: Leigh, A. and Curtis, E.

Building Relationships Towards Sustainable Economic Development in the Fitzroy River Catchment

Author: Mackay, G.

Keywords: Catchment management; indigenous livelihoods; rangeland communities; stewardship;

sustainable livelihoods; collaboration


From LSP to ILP and all the acronyms in between— transforming an organisation

Author: Mackenzie, G.

Keywords: Landscape-scale; rangeland communities; collaboration; sustainability; collective impact;

organisational change

From the ground-up: Fostering local ownership and building capacity of the southern rangelands of WA

Author: Massie, K.

Keywords: community, collaboration, rangelands, natural resource management, southern rangelands,
Western Australia

Bridging the Divide: Implications of Social Variations Between First- and Multi-Generational Ranchers

Author: Munden-Dixon, K.

Keywords: California, first-generation ranchers, multi-generational ranchers, social networks, decision-making, socio-economics

A Natural Partnership – conservation charity Nature Foundation SA’s partnership with industry is having a positive impact on nature conservation in the SA Arid Lands

Authors: Nankivell, A., Louter, M. and Nefiodovas, C.

Keywords: Adaptive management, biodiversity, ecosystem management, landscape ecology, mining, partnerships

Middleback Station – a pastoral legacy

Author: Nicholson, A. Snr

In search of tropically adapted cattle: does size matter?

Author: Pahl, L.

Keywords: Tropics, beef cattle, frame size, adaptation

Lessons and best practice of landholder collaboration for landscape-scale conservation and production

Authors: Pfeiffer, H., Ampt, P., Baumber, A., Cross, R., Berry, E. and Metternicht, G.

Keywords: Stewardship; adaptive management; sustainable livelihood, landscape management, conservation,

production, socio-economic analysis.

Building Drought Resilient Regions: Lessons from Central-Western Queensland

Authors: Phelps, D. and Whip, P.

Keywords: drought, resilience, vulnerability, regional policy, central-western Queensland, grazing


TERN AusCover: Delivering Imagery and Services to Industry and Landholders in the Rangelands

Authors: Scarth, P., Trevithick, R., Metternicht, G., Phinn, S., Held, A. and Christensen, B.

Keywords: Rangelands, ecosystems, remote sensing, fractional cover, land condition

Monitoring in the Australian Rangelands: Where we’ve come from and where we should be headed

Authors: Sparrow, B.

Keywords: Rangeland Monitoring, Biodiversity Monitoring, Monitoring types, Future Monitoring Needs

Transition to Transformation

Author: Stafford Smith, M.

The Leigh Creek Transition: Moving From Closed Town to Regional Hub

Author: Sutton, M.

20 Years of Ecosystem Restoration at Arid Recovery: successes challenges and the future

Author: Tuft, K.

Assessing the impacts and opportunities from carbon farming in western NSW

Authors: Waters, C., Cowie, A., Orgill, S.E., Melville, G., Garland, F., Simpson, M., Chappell, A., Paul, K., Cockfield, G. and Grant, R.

Keywords: soil carbon, erosion, biodiversity

Addressing feed supply and demand through total grazing pressure management in southern Australian rangelands:  key issues and opportunities

Authors: Waters, C.M., Revell, D.K., Grant, R., Pahl, L.I., Reseigh, J. and Atkinson, T.

Keywords: grazing management, kangaroo populations, grazing interactions

Determining the Scale of the Opportunity for Agricultural and Water Resource Development in Northern Australia

Authors: Watson, I., Petheram, C., Chilcott, C., Ash, A. and Stone, P.

Keywords: Water-resources, agriculture, dams, intensification, regional-development, data-sparse

Ecosystem drivers in rangelands; perceptions of drought and climate change

Author: Whalley, R.D.B

Keywords: water, stop-go ecosystems, pasture plant breeding systems, redesign, rangeland enterprises.

Growing sustainably: The Physical and Social capital of Pastoralism in South Australia

Author: Williams, J.

Keywords: sustainable growth, human resources, women, community

The Accidental Counsellor: more to beef extension officers than technical advice

Author: Willis, M.

Keywords: drought, beef extension officers, strategies, coping, technical skills, support
Megan Willis

Pastoralists as Conservation Providers – A New Stewardship Incentive Mechanism for the South Australian Rangelands

Authors: Willson, A. and Freebairn, A.

Keywords: stewardship, incentive, conservation, diversification, pastoral lease