About Us

The Australian Rangeland Society is an independent and non-aligned association of people interested in the management and sustainable use of resources in natural or semi-natural landscapes, such as grasslands, shrublands and woodlands. Members of the Society are generally interested in one or more of the businesses conducted in the rangelands, as well as the wellbeing of remotely living people and communities. Rangelands are broadly defined and include drylands and wetlands, or any other environment where natural ecological processes predominate in land use. Typically, rangeland businesses harvest plant or animal production, mine resources, provide recreation or manage biodiversity.

New members are welcome. Existing members come from a wide range of occupations, and include owners and managers of businesses, members of Non Government Organisations, scientists, communicators, Government administrators, natural resource management facilitators and community leaders.

Given the diverse activities and needs of people in the rangelands, the Society exists to provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas and information amongst people who live remotely or are concerned about rangeland issues in their work.