Australian Rangeland Society


Council members are appointed for a four year term. Half of the Council are appointed biennially to ensure corporate knowledge is passed on to new councillors.

The President, Finance and Audit Officer, and Secretary are the Directors of the Company and there can be up to five General Council Members.

David Phelps


David Phelps has lived in the rangelands his whole life; from property work on the family farm near Walgett through to Research, Development & Extension based in Longreach.

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Don Burnside

Finance & Audit Officer

Don Burnside has worked in the rangelands off and on since 1975 in public and private sector employment.

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Bob Shepherd


Cathy Waters

Cathy Waters has worked in the rangelands since 1997 as part of the now NSW Department of Primary Industries southern rangelands unit.

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Angus Whyte

Angus lives at Wyndham station on the Anabranch River in far western NSW with his wife Kelly and son Mitchell.

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Dionne Walsh

Dionne Walsh has worked and lived in the rangelands since 1996. She completed a PhD at the University of Adelaide…

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Andrew Ash

Dr Andrew Ash is a senior research leader in CSIRO’s Agriculture Flagship.

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Megan Munchenberg

Megan Munchenberg has lived and worked on cattle stations in the Gulf of Carpentaria QLD for the past 15 years. She has an interest and passion for the beef production sector

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