The Rangeland Journal

The Society publishes The Rangeland Journal. This is an International Journal for managing natural resources, improving remote living and sustaining businesses in unpredictable and harsh environments, especially in arid regions.

Six issues are published each year. The Journal is abstracted and/or indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded, ABOA, Agricola, CAB International, The ISI Alerting Services, and Current Contents (Agriculture, Biology and Environmental Sciences).


The Rangeland Journal publishes original work that makes a significant contribution to understanding the biophysical, social, cultural, economic, and policy influences affecting rangeland use and management throughout the world. Rangelands are defined broadly and include all those environments where natural ecological processes predominate, and where values and benefits are based primarily on natural resources. Papers may present the results of original research, contributions to theory, practice or policy, or new conclusions reached from the review of a topic. Their structure need not conform to that of standard scientific articles but writing style must be clear and concise. All material presented must be well documented, critically analysed and objectively presented. All papers are peer reviewed.

Key topics covered by the journal include:

Social-economic-ecological systems

• Resilience of systems
• Climate-soil-plant-animal-people interactions
• Climate variability and change
• Governance, policy and adaptive capacity
• Remote living
• Innovation

Ecological function and processes

• Soil, plant and wildlife biology/ecology
• Landscape ecology
• Ecosystem services
• Fire

Land and Water Resources

• Rangeland inventory and monitoring
• Water resources
• Biological and cultural resources

Utilisation and management of resources

• Livestock, wildlife and niche-market
• production systems
• Pests and weeds
• Mining and rehabilitation
• Tourism and recreation
• Water management

Conservation of biological and cultural heritage

• Cultural heritage values
• Reserve and off-reserve conservation

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Editorial Committee


Dr Paul Novelly


Associate Editors

Professor Bernard Hubert
National Institute for Agricultural Research, FRANCE

Dr Tony Pressland

Dr Mark Stafford-Smith

Professor Wei Sun
Northeast Normal University, China



Dr Digby Race
University of the South Pacific, FIJI

Dr Ian Watson

Professor Fujiang Hou
Lanzhou University, CHINA

Dr Ann Waters-Bayer
Royal Tropical Institute, GERMANY

Professor Graciela Metternicht
University of Western Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Dr Steven Bray
QLD Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, AUSTRALIA

Dr Rhiannon Smith

The University of New England, AUSTRALIA


Professor Babo Fadlalla
Sudan University of Science and Technology, SUDAN

Dr Sarah McDonald
NSW Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, AUSTRALIA


Advisory Editors

Dr Joel Brown
USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, USA

Dr Margaret H. Friedel

Professor Iain Gordon
James Cook University, AUSTRALIA

Professor Jikun Huang
Peking University, CHINA

Professor Osvaldo Sala
Arizona State University, USA

Professor Deli Wang
Northeast Normal University, CHINA

Dr Ann Waters-Bayer
Royal Tropical Institute, GERMANY

Dr Iain Wright,
International Livestock Research Institute, ETHIOPIA

Dr Brandon Bestelmeyer,
USDA-ARS Range Management Research Unit, USA