Planning for the IYRP continues at a fast-pace with details of the latest happenings outlined in the November IYRP Newsletter.  Recent events include the African Youth Pastoral Landscape Initiative held to inform pastoral youth in Eastern Africa about the IYRP (the African Youth Initiative has expressed an interest in linking up the ARS early careers group when they are formalised); South African IYRP members implementing a nation-wide, long-term rangeland monitoring project; and approval for complimentary international online registrations for IYRP supporters to attend the Society for Range Management (SRM) meeting in February 2024.


Australasian Region

The Australia and New Zealand region is restructuring how we will undertake activities for the international year and in the lead up to 2026. The Western Australia group is the first to meet and elect office bearers. State-based groups in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland, with a separate group in New Zealand will be formed in the near future. These groups are likely to be Chaired by pastoralists. The Chairs of these groups will form the National Committee, along with a few others who have been on the committee for a few years.

In Western Australia, Dana Kelly facilitated a short strategic planning exercise with the WA – IYRP Group. Brainstorming of ideas suggested local horse racing meetings, Rangelands revitalisation projects, and cultural activities such as music concerts in the rangelands.

Activities currently underway include:

  • An Australia-wide Indigenous Corporation has agreed to host the Traditional Knowledge Forum (planned for 2025)
  • Form Friendship Group with Kenya, with the key aim of exchanging knowledge.
  • Develop an Australian/New Zealand logo, using the North American version as a guide.
  • Develop Business Cases to seek funding for administration and specific projects.
  • Plan a potential book of Case Studies from different perspectives, celebrating positive stories from the rangelands.
  • Produce a series of flyers to encourage involvement of specific stakeholder groups; the first is aimed at pastoralists and pastoral groups from Australia & New Zealand.

If you know any pastoralists/graziers/producers who are interested in being part of IYRP groups in the central and eastern states, please contact Dana Kelly at