The Centre for Water and Landscape Dynamics at the Australian National University recently released Australia’s Environment in 2019 – an annual report on the changing condition of our natural resources and ecosystems.

According to the summary report “the extremely hot and dry weather in 2019 created the worst drought and fire conditions in many decades. Overall environmental condition was the poorest since at least 2000 and below-average in all states and territories. The poorest conditions occurred in NT, NSW and WA. In all cases this was due to dry and hot conditions. The largest decline occurred in WA. Relatively less adverse conditions prevailed in Queensland and Tasmania.”

In addition to the overall condition information for each state, the summary report includes interesting information about environmental change as it relates to global change, people, oceans, weather, fire, water, soil, vegetation and biodiversity.  The website also includes a link to look up the environmental scorecard for your region.