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Biennial Conference

Biennial Conferences

The Australian Rangeland Society organises national conferences for the sharing of the science and practice of land management and associated issues affecting Australian rangelands on a biennial basis. The first conference was held in Broken Hill in July, 1977, setting a precedent for delivering these events at regional centres linked to rangeland areas. Stepping away from this tradition, the twentieth conference will be delivered in Canberra in September 2019.

Previous conference proceedings are being progressively loaded onto this website under the Resources tab. Alternatively, conference papers can be accessed through the Global Rangelands portal via this link.

Details of the next conference are as follows:



NRM in the Rangelands Conference – shaping our future, 2021

 Desert Channels Queensland and the Australian Rangelands Society are excited to be hosting the NRM in the Rangelands Conference- shaping our future, 2021.

Rangelands cover about 80% of the Australian interior, spanning 3100 km east to west and 1400 km north to south. This vast region contains varied landscapes, including,  savannas, woodlands, shrub lands grasslands and wetlands. Water supply is often sporadic with many river systems draining into internal lakes, such as Lake Eyre.

Over the last seven years drought has affected much of the Rangelands and the focus has turned to improving future resilience of the environment, the communities and industry. The conference will showcase and share emerging ideas and innovations so we can collectively contribute to improving the condition of the Rangelands.

For further information, see the conference website via this link.