20th Biennial Conference 2019

Resilient future rangelands: integrating environment and livelihoods

Canberra, 2-5 September 2019

Kambri Convention Centre | Australian National University | CANBERRA | ACT | AUSTRALIA

Established 42 years previously, the Australian Rangeland Society returned to Canberra for its 20th biennial conference in September 2019.

ARS is an independent and non-aligned association connecting people who care about improving sustainable management of natural resource, life and business in the rangelands.

Australia’s rangelands cover more than 70% of the country. More commonly known as the ‘outback’, rangelands are home to many of Australia’s Indigenous people. They are culturally important to all Australians and a key component of Australia’s identity.

The rangelands make a significant contribution to Australia’s economy. Annual gross revenue from mining is more than $50 billion, tourism is greater than $2 billion, and pastoralism and agriculture combined are worth $5 billion. There are limited national data for other products such as bush foods and rangeland timbers although the value of kangaroo production approaches $200 million.

Further information on the conference can be accessed from the archived website via this link.


Abstracts for all posters and papers presented at the conference are available as a PDF file available through this link.