22nd Biennial Conference, 2023

Action Stations

The 22nd Australian Rangeland Society Biennial Conference will be exploring the conference theme, Action Stations and explored : Action Stations and we want to make progress on the following topics:


  • Coming to grips with carbon, green energy and natural capital
  • Science, satellites and success
  • Resilience in a land of drought and flooding rains
  • Traditional Owner aspirations and knowledge
  • Where/what is the cutting edge technology
  • Passing the baton to the next generation

Further information on the conference can be accessed from the website via this link. 

The Abstracts document can be accessed here.  Papers presented at the 2023 conference are included below.

Disclaimer: These papers have not been refereed by the Conference Program Committee. The content of each paper is the responsibility of its authors. The Editor has formatted abstracts and papers to a common style.

Sediment runoff characteristics of four Fitzroy Basin grazing soils in Central Queensland Australia
Author: Bronwyn Bosomworth, Y. Lim

Policy development to drive regenerative rangeland management
Author: Greg Brennan

Drier and wetter times: rainfall is episodic
Author: Greg Curran

Passing the batton: Engaging the next generation in rabbit management
Author: Peter Day

Kangaroo Partnership Project: Optimising kangaroo management in South Australia
Author: Dr Emily Gregg, J. Gregg-Smith

Aminocyclopyrachior – a new herbicide for woody weed control
Author: Jyri Kaapro

The Question of Camels – Weapons against weeds or liability for landholders
Author: Natalie Pearce, Simon Wiggins, R. Blackley, R. Karki

Where to from here? A reflection on the Land Services Program
Author: Christine Plummer and Courtney Lallard

Effective property visits to pastoral owners and managers in the rangelands
Author: Bob Shepherd

Applying a risk-based approach for pastoral land management in Western Australia
Author: Dr Rob Sudmeyer, R. Fletcher

Rubber vine eradication in the East Kimberley: collaboration to fight a common enemy
Author: Curly Yates, Dr Magdalena Zabek, D. Pasfield, J.P Slaven, L. Strange and D. Chemello

Lessons learnt from a 45-year-long feral donkey management program in Western Australia
Author: Dr Magdalena Zabek, D. Pasfield, J.P Slaven, R. Watkins, M. Everett, J Shehan and L. Strange