I have a complete set of the Review of Chenopod Species Working Documents produced by the Soil Conservation Department of New South Wales in 1988 to give away to anyone who may have a use for them.

These reports are literature reviews for all the major rangeland chenopod species in Australia.  They were produced as annotated bibliographies of available information on chenopod species at the time with special emphasis on soil conservation and rangeland management.  Flicking through the reports, they contain a fantastic collection of information gathered from a range of reports, technical bulletins, journal articles and books from the 1930’s through until the mid 1980’s including the benchmark studies by Ratcliffe, Beadle, Jessup etc.


chenopod report photos


I have the complete set of 15 documents, all in good condition!

Please contact me if you are interested – Noelene Duckett at aduckett7@msn.com.