Don Burnside,  A/ Membership Officer.  Email:


The summary

We currently have 197 active members of ARS, including 33 complimentary members.

As at 16 December, 164 members are financial, including 40 members who have paid to the end of either 2022 or 2023, and one complimentary member who has paid for 2021.  Three members formally resigned during the year.


The bad news!

The 23 members who did not renew by 30 November 2021 have been removed from the active list.

This is deeply regrettable, but clearly the Society cannot support members who do not pay their membership subscriptions in a timely manner.  Membership income is a primary contributor to the cost of publishing the Journal and the Newsletter, to maintaining the website and social media, to the planning of the Biennial ARS Conferences and to supporting the routine administrative costs involved in running the Society.


The good news!

Sixteen (16) new financial members have joined this year.  These people have been welcomed with an email providing some information about the Society, its activities and benefits.  We hope they enjoy a long and beneficial membership in our ‘rangeland family’.

In addition, we have welcomed three new complimentary members who were prize winners at the Longreach Conference, and one other person who assisted with strategic planning for the year ahead.



Membership at 16 December 2021

Category Hardcopy Journal E-journal Total
Complimentary members for 2021 and 2022 7* 26 33
Members paid for 2021 65* 59 124
Members paid until the end of 2022 or 2023 19 21 40
ARS members 91 106 197
Institutional subscribers  to the Journal 10 79 89
Grand total 101 185 286

* one complimentary member paid for 2021



Renewals for 2022

Renewal notices for those who need to pay for membership in 2022 will be emailed early in the new year.  It will be of great help to the Society’s finances if those members renewing can pay as soon as they receive the request for renewal.  Thank you!