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I am in the process of writing up a history of the TGB Osborn Vegetation Reserve at Koonamore (KVR) in South Australia, both the human stories of those who have worked there over the decades, and also of the scientific results that have arisen from all that work.

I’ve already heard from many people, but I’m sure there may be more stories to be found. The Reserve will be celebrating its 100th birthday in 2025, so I’m aiming to have the stories told before then.

Anyone who has a contribution, a comment, a suggestion or a funny story, please contact me at

For those that may not be familiar with the TGB Osborn Vegetation Reserve or the work that  that has been carried out there, recent articles which provide some background include:

Sinclair, R. (2005). Long-term changes in vegetation, gradual and episodic, on the TGB Osborn Vegetation Reserve, Koonamore, South Australia, (1926–2002). Australian Journal of Botany 53, 283–296.

Sinclair, R. and Facelli, J.M. (2018).  Ninety years of change on the TGB Osborn Vegetation Reserve, Koonamore: a unique research opportunity.  The Rangeland Journal 41(3), 185-187.