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This final Range Management Newsletter for 2020 marks the start of a new direction for the ARS with this issue being published as an open access document with no members-only embargo period.  This means you are free (actually encouraged!) to share articles with your colleagues and friends.  It is hoped by doing so this will increase interest in the Society and the management of the rangelands, and also inspire authors to contribute articles to the newsletter.

The Publications Committee has often wondered over the years who does utilise the various ARS publications.  Over the last few months it has been possible to collate some user statistics for the ARS website, and for the Range Management Newsletter in particular. Preliminary website statistics indicate that the site receives over 200 site visits per month, with visitors from over 40 countries. Similarly, it has been reassuring to see the access statistics for the newsletter, with the August issue (still available to members only) being accessed over 150 times with nearly 350 page visits to individual articles.

I would encourage you all to embrace the new policy of open access and consider contributing an article in 2021.  We are keen to increase the diversity of topics covered in the newsletter, so even if your article has a different focus to those traditionally included please consider submission.  I enjoy hearing from readers and would be more than happy to discuss article ideas with anyone who would like to contact me.  The next issue is due out in March 2021.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – stay safe and enjoy the break.  See you in 2021!