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Thank you for reading the first Range Management Newsletter for 2021 – I hope you have found the articles of interest.  I would like to remind everyone that the newsletter is now published as an open access document so please share this edition with your friends and colleagues.

Website statistics continue to be collected to gain an insight into how the public are using the ARS website and the Range Management Newsletter in particular.  It was pleasing to see that the December 2020 newsletter has been viewed nearly 200 times with the research-type articles showing the highest number of page views.   The August 2020 newsletter also continued to be viewed, with a variety of articles garnering interest.  The ARS website continues to be utilised by an international audience, with nearly 35% of visitors in 2021 from countries other than Australia.

The next issue of the newsletter is due out in July.   As indicated in my last editorial, articles on a wide range of rangeland topics are encouraged so don’t be put off submitting an article that might be different to the usual content.  I enjoy hearing from readers and would be more than happy to discuss article ideas with anyone who would like to contact me.