The highest point above sea level in Australia is Mount Kosciuszko, but did you know that Australia’s lowest point, fifteen meters below sea level, is found on the bed of Lake Eyre?

The Kati Thanda – Lake Eyre Basin (the basin) is unique, both naturally and culturally. It covers around 1.2 million km2– almost one-sixth of Australia and similar in size to the Murray-Darling Basin. It is a place rich in Aboriginal culture and identity and is home to approximately 60,000 people living and working in diverse and often remote communities and occupations.



A draft Lake Eyre Basin Strategic Plan (the plan) has been developed to inform the vision and long-term management for the basin. It focuses on water-related environmental, social, cultural and economic values and applies a proactive and adaptive management approach to manage risks of harm and long-term damage. Public consultations will shortly commence on the draft Plan.

We want to hear from the basin community and other interested parties about the draft plan. Are there any gaps? Is the balance between protecting and managing the basin right? Will this plan help us protect, enhance, and sustain the Lake Eyre Basin?

This is your opportunity to help set the vision and framework for the future management of the basin. For more information head to Kati Thanda – Lake Eyre Basin – DCCEEW ( where you can follow the links to the Have Your Say Platform, read the draft plan, and make a submission and have your voice heard.

If you have any questions, please email