Tom Mann “Hillgrove Station” – Charters Towers



After completing his secondary schooling in the early 1950s, Tom Mann worked on pastoral-company sheep stations in the Central West and the NW of Queensland until he drew “Lockwall”, a ballot block in the Upper Burdekin country in 1958. Building on his formative years in the extensive sheep & wool industry, Tom quickly developed a passion and a keen acumen in the extensive northern beef industry which still endures to this day.

From 1975 to 2010, Tom, initially with Eve and Eve’s parents Bill & Edna Allingham, then with Tom & Eve’s children Bill, Liz and Jack, built Hillgrove Pastoral Company into a beef business that was successful by any measure. Not content to rest on his laurels and simply enjoy the resultant benefits, Tom gave much back to the local community and the northern beef industry:-

  • Local government councillor
  • Education (secondary and James Cook University)
  • The establishment of The World Theatre in Charters Towers which has hosted numerous beef industry events and functions
  • Hosting numerous international visitors and dignitaries at Hillgrove
  • Beef industry groups – United Graziers Association, Cattlemen’s Union & AgForce
  • Supported R&D projects with CSIRO, universities, QDPI/DAF & the Beef Cooperative Research Centre on a wide range of topics from grazing land management to beef cattle genetics
  • Leadership of the North Qld Beef Research Committee and membership of the North Australian Beef Research Council
  • Blue-sky research with Meat & Livestock Australia
  • Extension of practices and grazing systems to many graziers that support environmentally sustainable & economically viable beef enterprises
  • Host of numerous field-days and other extension activities at Hillgrove
  • Guest presenter at numerous beef industry events across northern Australia
  • Member of many international market place study tours

Tom has successfully integrated all facets that are essential in managing an extensive beef enterprise in northern Australia; ie land/pastures, livestock, family/staff, economics/finances and marketing.  Visitors to Hillgrove have always found Tom to be an open book about all aspects of the management of Hillgrove.


The Australian Rangeland Society Award of Excellence in Rangeland Management

The Award of Excellence in Rangeland Management recognises people who are making or have made an outstanding contribution to rangeland science and or management, regardless of membership of the society.  More details about the Award and the nomination procedure is available on the ARS website.