Early in 2022 the ARS Council appointed Dr Bradd Witt as the Chair of the Publications Committee, taking over from the Interim Chair Dr Andrew Ash.



Who is Dr Bradd Witt?


Bradd started a career in animation in the late 1980s before finding a path back to my passion about people, the environment, and rural and regional landscapes.

He has undertaken research using a wide range of methods and approaches looking at soil carbon, long term environmental change, and climate reconstruction potential within rings of gidgee trees in western Queensland.  Bradd also has undertaken extensive research drawing on social science methods to understand how people perceive and interact with environmental issues. This latter focus has been the unifying feature of his research efforts to date.

Dr Witt is passionate about research that can inform the discussions and debates that society has around complex environmental issues. Understanding the role of people in these issues and the opportunity for positive change is central to his research activities.

His recent work focuses specifically on the Australian beef industry, the public’s perception of this important sector. The work highlights the challenges and opportunities around improved communications and engagement with evolving community expectations. Bradd is also a consulting member of the Communication Committee for the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.

Bradd is currently a Senior Lecturer in the School of Earth and Environmental Science at the University of Queensland.  He can be contacted at bwitt@uq.edu.au