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The summary

New and renewed memberships are coming in at an agreeable rate.  Having a strong and active membership strength is critical in sustaining the Society’s activities and financial viability.

As at 25 June, we have 210 active members, including 32 complimentary members.  One hundred and fifty seven members (157) are financial for 2022, with 21 still to pay.

Thirty five members (35) members have paid to the end of either 2023 or 2024, and one complimentary member has paid for 2022.


Membership at 25 June 2022

Category Hardcopy Journal E-journal Total
Complimentary members for 2022* 8* 24 32
Members paid for 2022 already 73 84 157
Members still to pay 14 7 21
ARS members 95 115 210
Institutional subscribers  to the Journal 10 79 89
Grand total 105 194 299

* one complimentary member has paid for 2022


New members

We have welcomed 12 new members since the beginning of the year.  The new members include:

  • Five people who attended the joint ARS/ Desert Channels Queensland Conference in Longreach 2021, and who responded to an invitation to join;
  • Two new company members;
  • Two members who have re-joined after a lengthy absence;
  • One student; and
  • Two new complimentary members (incoming Chair of the Publications Committee and incoming Social Media Editor).

We are delighted they have joined and hope they are enjoying what the Society has to offer in the way of resources and networking.


Complimentary members

We have 32 complimentary members, comprising:

  • Fellows, Chair of the PC and Editors of the Journal, Website, RMN, and Social Media;
  • Associate Editors of The Rangeland Journal,
  • prize winners from the 2021 Longreach Conference, and
  • the facilitator of a strategic planning workshop held for the Council and Publications Committee in Longreach after the Conference..


Those still to renew ….

The 21 members who are still to renew have been sent reminders in early June 2022.