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The Summary

As at 30 June 2020 we have 227 members, including 37 complimentary members.  One hundred and thirty seven (137) members have paid for membership in 2020, being 67 per cent of those who need to renew for 2020 or beyond.


The Detail

Ninety one (91) members have paid for 2020 only, and 18 people have paid for the next three year period (2020-2022).

Together with the 28 members already on three-year memberships (2018-2020 and 2019-2021), this makes a total of 117 members who are financial so far this year.

A further 53 members will need to renew for 2020 (or 2020-2022 if they elect for the three-year membership), and have been sent reminder renewal notices in early July.


Membership at 30 June 2020


Hardcopy Journal + RMN

E-journal + RMN

RMN only


Members still needing to renew in 2020 24 15 14 53
Members paid for 2020 already 81 47 9 137
Complimentary members for 2020 9* 28 0 37
ARS members 114 90 23 227
Institutional subscribers 10 81 0 91
Grand total 124 171 23 318

* one complimentary member has paid for 2020


Following up ARS2019 attendees who are non-members

We are sending an invitation to join the ARS to all non-members who attended the Canberra conference, reminding them of what a great conference they recently attended and how we can only continue to provide such events if we have a strong membership.


A plea to members still to renew

We appreciate that with the move to the new website host this year, membership renewal for some members has been difficult and we thank you for your persistence and patience.

For those still to renew, please pay as soon as you can, and if you have difficulties, contact

Finally, members still to renew for 2020 continue to receive the benefits of membership, but unfortunately there will have to be an end to this situation.

Sadly, if members do not renew by the end of September, we will be forced to remove them from the active membership list, with loss of all benefits.