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The summary

We currently have 205 active members, including 29 complimentary members.

Fourteen (14) new members have joined since late last year, and they have been sent an email providing some information about the Society, its activities and benefits.  We wish them well for a long, productive and enjoyable membership of the ARS.


Renewals are coming in

Renewal notices were sent in early March to 111 members who need to pay for 2021 membership.  Twenty nine (29) members have responded to the that notice to date.

As at 30 March, 97 members are financial for 2021.  This includes 31 members who have paid to the end of either 2022 or 2023, and one complimentary member who has paid for 2021.  This represents 56 per cent of those who need to pay for the current year.  Including the complimentaries, we have 126 current for 2021, being 61 per cent of the total.


Those members still to renew

The 79 members who still need to renew for 2021 and beyond will be sent follow-up renewal notices in early April and will be reminded monthly from then on.

To renew your membership, please use your user name and password to get into the Members’ area to the ARS website ( and go to Join Now, and then Renew Now, and all being well you should be able to renew under your existing category of membership.  Once you have renewed, you will receive an e-mailed receipt.

If you have forgotten your password, or for some other reason, you cannot get into the members’ area, please advise the Membership Officer, Don Burnside at (0427 357 982) and he will send you up a new temporary password.  You will be able to set yourself a new password once you are in the members’ area under My Account >> Account Details.


Membership at 30 March 2021
Category Hardcopy Journal E-journal Total
Complimentary members for 2021 7* 22 29
Members paid for 2021 already 50* 47 97
Members still to pay 47 32 79
ARS members 104 101 205
Institutional subscribers 10 84 94
Grand total 114 185 299

* one complimentary member has paid for 2021