Matthew Fletcher, Membership Officer.  Email:


Since the Broome Rangeland Conference, there’s been a change in the ARS Membership Officer role. Matthew Fletcher has taken over from Don Burnside, who dedicated approximately six years to the position with great diligence. I extend my thanks to Don for his service and patience during the handover.


Membership now based off date of registration

Previously, ARS membership followed a calendar-year organisation, however managing it through Woocommerce proved challenging, with each membership transaction requiring manual attention and creating difficulties. In mid-2023 a decision was made to streamline the membership renewal system by starting memberships from the date of registration rather than adhering to a calendar year allocation. Currently, Matt Fletcher is working with Zoik (website designer) to make registration easier, set up membership renewal reminders and make Woocommerce better suited to meet ARS reporting requirements.

As at 6 March 2024, the ARS had 211 active members and 89 institutional subscribers.


Membership summary as of 6 March 2024



*Complimentary members 30
Company members 16
Concessional members 22
International members 2
Standard members 138
Student members 2
Sub total 210
Members still to pay (expired) 1
Sub total 1
**Institutional subscribers (libraries and universities) 89
Sub total 89
Grand Total 300

*Includes 5 International members who are Associate Editors of The Rangeland Journal.

**Taken from October 2023 report, current numbers were unavailable.


New members (5)

Since 1 January 2024 we have welcomed five new members.

  • New South Wales – 3
  • Western Australia – 1
  • Northern Territory – 1


Members resigned (26)

Since January 1, 2024, twenty-six members have resigned, either because they are no longer active in the rangelands, have moved overseas, ill health, or their membership has expired. We thank them for their contributions to the society and the rangelands and wish them well.


Complimentary members

As of March 2024, there are 30 complimentary members, which include the five prize winners from the Broome Rangeland Conference, each of whom receives one-year complimentary registration.


Membership expired/renewals

Only one member’s membership has not been renewed; a third email will be sent to remind them of membership renewal.