The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Australian Rangeland Society will be held on:

 Monday 22th May 2017

at 5 pm (QLD time)

at 135 Wren Street, Longreach, Queensland, 4070


by teleconference (details available from the Secretary)


The agenda will include:

  1. Open Meeting
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting
  4. Receive the President’s report
  5. Receive the Financial Reports
  6. Elections for office bearers of the Society*
  7. Motions on notice**
  8. General business

The AGM will be followed by light refreshments.  Please let President David Phelps know if you will be attending in person (07) 4650-1244 or


*Elections for office bearers of the Society
Section 16 of the Articles of Association of the Society provide for elections in each alternate year beginning in 1983 commencing at the end of the next Annual General Meeting. Positions are held for four years and Members of Council may not serve more than two four-year terms (eight consecutive years) on Council.  The Officers of the Society are President, Finance and Audit Officer and Secretary. Up to five General Council Members complete the eight-member Council.  Accordingly, nominations are called for one vacant position for a term of four years as set out in the Articles. One nomination for this position as Secretary of the ARS has already been received.  The role description and the key competencies and knowledge required for this position is available in the Range Management Newsletter 14/3 of 16 November 2014 which can be found in the Members Section of the Society’s Website.


For the 2017 AGM the name is shown with an expression of their intention to nominate.

President(has completed two four-year terms)

Bob Shepherd – has nominated as a Member of Council and Secretary

Finance and Audit OfficerDon Burnside – continuing member

General Council Members Andrew Ash – continuing member

Cathy Waters – continuing member

Dionne Walsh – continuing member

Angus Whyte – continuing member

Megan Munchenberg – continuing member


Any financial member of the ARS wishing to nominate for these positions must ensure their nomination form is lodged with the Secretary by 10 April 2015 at  Nomination forms are available from the website


**Motions on notice are set out in this notice.
Any financial member wishing to place a motion on notice before the Annual General Meeting must ensure that the signed motion is lodged with the Secretary by 10 April 2015 at .


Motions on Notice

Motion 1

Solvency resolution

“That the Directors have reason to believe that the Australian Rangeland Society Ltd will be able to pay its debts as and when they become due and payable.”


Motion 2

Appointment of Auditors

“That Lee Green Strategic Accountants be appointed as The ARS auditors for 2017.”