This year, Desert Channels Queensland and the Australian Rangeland Society have combined forces to host the NRM in the Rangelands Conference – shaping our future, 2021.

The Conference will be held from 4-8 October 2021 in Longreach, Queensland.  In the heart of the rangelands, Longreach is nestled within Mitchell grass country and at the head of the Cooper Creek channel country. It is at the centre of nationally important efforts to conserve the night parrot, artesian springs and wetlands; and is also seeing a resurgence of the sheep industry through cluster fencing. The region is poised to take advantage of high solar yields to establish a renewable energy hub, and the reconnection of Indigenous communities, culture and country offers hope for improved prosperity.



Over the last seven years drought has affected much of the Rangelands and the focus has turned to improving future resilience of the environment, the communities and industry. The conference will showcase and share emerging ideas and innovations so we can collectively contribute to improving the condition of the Rangelands.


Conference Program

The Conference Organising Committee is working hard to bring together a stimulating, innovative conference which will include keynote speakers, panel discussions and several informal networking opportunities.


Keynote speakers already announced include:


Ross Garnaut (Professorial Research Fellow in Economics, The University of Melbourne) – an economist who specialises in the analysis and practice of policy connected to development, economic policy and international relations




Dalene Wray (Managing Director, OBE Beef Pty Ltd) – head of a successful farmer-owned organic beef business, where she is driving change, innovation and digital adoption in the Australian beef industry.




Further details of full conference program will be available from the conference website ( in the coming weeks.



Registration is now open for both full Conference attendance and single day passes.  Take advantage of Early Bird Pricing (save $100) by booking before 30 June, 2021. Bookings can be made directly through the website by clicking here.

Also, as accommodation can be at a premium in Longreach, don’t forget to book somewhere to stay whilst attending the conference.  Check the Conference website homepage for options.


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The Conference Organising Committee are currently calling for submissions from people who are passionate about the future of the rangelands to share their know-how, experience and knowledge. We encourage contributions from people with expertise ranging from the practical through to the academic, showcasing learnings that can help shape the future of Australia’s rangelands.


General Information

The initial call is for submissions of up to 200 words which will help to determine how your submission might align with the conference themes and program.  Successful submissions will be contacted to expand their content and provide a finished presentation.

There will be opportunities for your paper to be delivered during the conference as a ‘conversation starter’, a brief ‘lightning talk’, a poster, or a spoken presentation.


Conference Topics

The landscapes, climate, people and issues across Australia’s rangelands are incredibly diverse. We want to capture some of this in the range of topics that will be presented. The conference will have a focus on:

  • Rangelands Health
    • What defines healthy rangelands and how do we achieve it?
    • How do we manage for the future?
    • How do we measure it?
  • Community
    • How are community, industry and government working together to improve the rangelands?
    • How do we prepare landholders for the future?
  • Technology
    • How can technology help us improve rangelands health?
  • Other Topics


The list above is a guideline. We also welcome submissions on a range of other topics including conservation, biodiversity, traditional and cultural management, sustainable economic development, mining rehabilitation, tourism, disaster recovery, renewable energy and policy development.

Further details about the Conference topics and the format required for submissions is available from the Conference website.  The template for submissions can be directly downloaded here.



Key Dates for Submissions


Closing date for submission brief 30 April 2021
Notification of acceptance 31 May 2021
Finalised presentation submitted and reviewed 30 July 2021
Conference held 5 – 8 October 2021