A recently published report by Western Local Land Services provides a review of developments in the rangeland goat industry over the past five years. I also includes series of eight case studies of goat enterprises from across the region. The report identifies challenges and opportunities faced by the goat industry and provides recommendations for further development.

Mixed mob of goats on Orana Station, one of the case study properties included in the report.


Key findings include a shift in premium markets from domestic to export, the ability for goats to provide a profitable alternative to traditional enterprises under certain management practices, and the opportunity to increase the consistency of supply and quality of goats produced.

The report was developed as a succession to case studies that were produced in 2012 by NSW Department of Primary Industries. View the full article here  https://western.lls.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/853411/Rangeland-goat-production-in-Western-NSW.pdf