Australian Rangeland Society


Range Management Newsletter moves to open online-access

From the November edition, the Range Management Newsletter will be available as an open online-access publication to promote wider use of this resource. The Range Management Newsletter Only membership category will cease.


PhD opportunity for the Method to Market Project

A PhD opportunity currently exists for participation in the biodiversity component of the Method to Market Project, a large inter-disciplinary program jointly funded by MLA and the Queensland Government departments of DAF and DES seeking to demonstrate links between the method of production and sustaining natural capital.


ARS Covid-19 Response for Members

The Australian Rangeland Society Council has decided to offer a discount on membership fees for any current members who have been significantly financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


A new ARS Award: The Award of Excellence in Rangeland Management

The new Award of Excellence in Rangeland Management will recognise people who have made or are making a significant contribution to rangeland management, across biophysical, economic, social and governance domains.