The Rangeland Journal Lecture Series 2011

2011 Rangeland Journal Lecture Series 

This special lecture series was held in November during the visit to Australia of Professor John Milne, the new Editor-in-Chief of The Rangeland Journal. The speakers are eminent scientists.

Four lectures were given and the first three were videoed. View a short outline of each lecture and if you are interested in viewing the whole lecture you can view this on the Personal Development section of the website under Self Education. 

Lecture 1 – Thursday 17 November at the Australian National University, CANBERRA.
Sustaining the Outback: from rangelands ecology to a science of desert living.
Mark Stafford Smith’s introduction to his lecture (2.19 min.)

Lecture 2 – Tuesday 22 November at Desert Knowledge Precinct, ALICE SPRINGS
Seeing through the smoke: the challenges of fire management in central Australia. 
 View Grant Allan’s introduction to his lecture (3.30 min.).

Lecture 3 – Friday 25 November at EcoSciences Precinct, BRISBANE Is proactive adaptation to climate change necessary in grazed rangelands?
View Andrew Ash’s introduction to his lecture (1.12 min.) 

Lecture 4 – Monday 28 November at James Cook University, TOWNSVILLE. 
Plant/animal relationships in the rangelands.
John Milne more