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Journal Impact Factor

Journal Impact Factors (IF) for 2017 have recently been released. Unfortunately the IF for The Rangeland Journaldeclined slightly from 1.211 to 1.080 although the journal maintained its general position among the 158 journals in the Ecology category for which IFs are published.

The IF for 2017 represents the average number of times that papers published in TRJ in 2016 and 2015 were cited in any journal in 2017. Since some papers in the two special issues published in 2016 (Climate Clever Beef and Australian Feral Camel Management project) have been heavily downloaded it is somewhat disappointing that this has not flowed through into an increased IF. However, citations of these papers in 2017 may yet have an impact on the IF for 2018. Impact factors for each year are released in June of the following year.

While the Publications Committee acknowledges that the IF is not the only measure of the journal’s success it is still desirable to keep it as high as possible to ensure that TRJ remains an attractive publication option for both Australian and international scientists.

New Website Editor

I am very pleased to be able to announce the (re)appointment of Mr Russell Grant as the Society’s Website Editor. Russell was Website Editor for several years until the end of 2015 when work pressures caused him to relinquish the post. With his recent retirement he has been prepared to take on the position again after the resignation of Ms Camilla Osborn in February 2018. In the interim Noelene Duckett, Editor of Range Management Newsletter, has acted as Web Site Editor. I am most grateful to Noelene for her willingness to step into this additional role until a more permanent arrangement could be made.

Social Media Management Opportunity

Ms Jodie Ward, the Social Media Editor, has indicated her intention to resign. Interim arrangements will be established until a new appointment can be made. If you have an interest in social media and would enjoy the task of managing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts on behalf of the Society please refer to the advertisement in this newsletter.