Surviving Somalia – Life in one of the most dangerous places on earth

ARS Secretary Bob Shepherd recently sent a link to an episode of ABC TVs Foreign Correspondent program which examined stories of survival in Somalia.  He thought RMN readers may be interested in viewing this thought-provoking video.

Bob’s comments on the episode – ‘The famine is incredibly severe during a period of prolonged drought which has been intensified by climate change and the insurgence of ‘Al-Shabaab’ (The Youth). It then contrasts with Somaliland which covers an independent area in northern Somalia where peace is maintained, as Al Shabaab has been kept out. But the area is still severely droughted. The 10 minutes of the show profiles a pastoral family in the southern province of Togdheer that is dealing with the drought ‘against the odds’, but the determination of the eldest daughter to obtain an education is uplifting. It is a tough show to watch, but is well worth a look as it shows a pastoral family with hopefully some light at the end of a very long dark tunnel.’

Watch the video at


Australian Farmers Podcast

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The Financial Bloke Podcast

In this financial podcast, each fortnight Ben Law interviews guests from varying backgrounds, each with an interesting story, experience or specialist financial knowledge.  Recent topics include:

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Global Forum on Agricultural Research & Innovation (GFAR) Blog

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