Sheep Genetics Webinar to be held on 15 April

North West and Central West Local Land Service NSW will be hosting the webinar entitled  How can genetics influence the future productivity of the sheep industry?  This webinar will be held on 15 April 2021 from 1-2pm and will be led by Dr Mark Ferguson (CEO, Next Gen Agri, NZ).  Mark will discuss the power of the genes and how producers can capitalise on incorporating genetic selection in their enterprise.  For more information and to register please click the above link.


Building Pastoral Sustainability Webinars

An agricultural webinar series, uploaded as part of the South Australian Arid Lands Landscape Board’s Building Pastoral Sustainability project, are now available online. The webinars were part of the ‘Summer Series’ designed for the region’s pastoral community, using speakers who were scheduled to present at the 2020 SA Arid Lands Pastoral Field Day. Seven webinars were offered to landholders in the region and include:

  • Bruce Maynard – Boosting Bottom Lines by Behaviour
  • Deb Scammell – Containment Feeding Ewes Successfully
  • Michelle Cousins – New Technologies for the Pastoral Zone
  • Pene Keynes – Livestock Biosecurity- Lessons from COVID-19
  • Colin Trengove – The essence of Sheep Survival in the SA Arid Lands
  • FarmMap 4D – Turning big data into better decisions in the paddock
  • Wayne Pitchford – Dark Cutting Beef – What is it and why should I care?

All webinars are available in the Podcasts and Videos section of the Board’s website.


Lender Ready Webinar Series

Engaging with your preferred Lender and becoming ‘Lender Ready’ can be a daunting prospect for some people.  Future Beef has put together three part (recorded) webinar series as part of the Lender Ready Program to provide more information about becoming Lender Ready to assist in accessing money to support business operations and expansion.  This series includes:

  • The Lender Ready Program – how to engage with lenders: an introduction to the new purpose-built Lender Ready Program explaining how to become ‘Lender Ready’.
  • Understanding a lender’s perspective:hearing direct from a lender about their wants, needs and drivers.
  • A producer perspective on accessing finance:a real experience in shortlisting and approval of a finance application.

These recordings are a guide towards you getting a greater understanding of how to manage these business challenges and the opportunities of becoming ‘Lender Ready’.


Seeds for Success Podcast

Seeds for Success is a podcast series produced by Local Land Services NSW.  This series is described as “a show where we have a good yarn about ag life with producers who are having a go. On the show, you’ll hear from farmers in New South Wales who are out there battling the elements, making tough calls and getting the job done. You’ll get a laugh out of some of their stories, and also pick-up some know-how along the way.” Recent podcasts include:

  • For the love of lamb: How embracing social media can help amplify your story
  • Turning failures into innovation: How drought fast tracked improvements at “Merrimbah”
  • From the ground up: Harnessing healthy soil for whole farm profitability


The Weekly Grill Podcast

Beef Central has recently commenced a new podcast series, The Weekly Grill.  Each week veteran agricultural broadcaster Kerry Lonergan sits down with an industry identity to chew the fat on topical matters across the meat and livestock industry.  The Weekly Grill can be accessed through all popular podcast channels including Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcast (iTunes) and Podbean.